Will Powley

Will Powley

Founder & Chief Creative Officer

Quite literally, there would be no Mad*Pow without Powley, just ask him where our company name came from.

Will created the company in 2000 with the goal of building a creative team that can offer value to large organizations by delivering high quality design and extraordinary client service at a competitive price. As a leader within the organization, Will believes the success of Mad*Pow is dependent upon the collective energy and intelligence of the staff. Thus he strives to create a work environment where motivated staff can flourish and succeed to their highest potential.

Will's current focus is to unfurl the collective creativity of the organization by pushing team members to exceed client expectations so that customers become advocates that not only partner with Mad*Pow, but sell us to their colleagues and friends.

Prior to 2000, Will held a number of creative direction positions, including time at Sony Music, State Street, Forbes and MicroArts Corporation.

Will graduated Boston College in 1995 majoring in Studio Art with a minor in psychology.

When he is not focusing on the vision for the company, you can find Will expressing his artistic style on a surfboard or snowboard.

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