Lydia Hart

Lydia Hart

Director, Talent Acquisition 

Lydia brings a tenured career in human resources and executive search recruiting to Mad*Pow. She is skilled in recruitment, talent management, performance management, succession planning, learning and development, employee engagement, and compensation planning.

She is passionate about diversity, equity, and inclusion initiatives, particularly how DE&I strategies impact an organization’s hiring and promotion practices. Her background spans industries – working in-house and on the agency side, ensuring organizations have their employees’ best interest at heart. 

While not a formally trained designer, she appreciates and has an eye for design as it fits into the cultural and environmental ecosystem – and wishes all public spaces could feel as inviting as Boston’s Rose Kennedy Greenway, with lush landscapes, public art, and places to roam. 

Lydia loves spending time with her husband and young son and daughter, as well as a pair of spirited Tonkinese cats. Together, they bake cookies and cakes, watch animated films, draw, and read books together. As a decade-long member of the Trustees of the Reservations, they spend most weekends (snowy ones included) enjoying the beach and dune trails of Crane Beach.

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